Afghani tribes

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Afghani tribes

Pukhtun/Pashtun AfghanisThe largest ethnic group in Afghanistan, Pukhtun Afghanis speak Pashto and are typically Sunni Muslims. They live typically in tribes and practice Pashtunwali, an ancient tribal governing system.

Hazara AfghanisHazara Afghanis speak Hazargi, a language that derives from Persian. They are Shi'a Muslims and most still live as farmers. They also live in tribes. The Hazara people have a long history of persecution, from the Mughals, Pashtuns and the Taliban.

Afghanistan and its Ethnic Groups

Uzbek AfghanisThese people mostly live in villages in northern Afghanistan. They are mostly Sunni practicing Muslims and speak Uzbek. They are the fourth largest ethnic group in Afghanistan. Uzbeks live peacefully among Tajik neighbors but not with Pukhtuns.

Tajik AfghanisMajority group of many large cities including Kabul. Do not consider themselves by tribe, but instead by the region or area they live in. Tajiks speak a Persian dialect called Dari. They are generally Sunni Muslim.

Fadi's family is Pukhtun

Kabul, Afghanistan

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