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What does affluenza mean?Affluenza has been infecting Australia since the early 1990s. It means a growing preoccupation with materialistic objects and money. Affleunza encourages people to spend money so that they will feel good about themselves for a while, often at the expense of the people around them. The problem with affluenza is that it only keeps you happy for a little while like when you buy a new shirt. It also makes you spend more money then youshould be spending and can contribute to going broke or losing people you love.

People want to buy things with money they don't have. Debt has grown over the past years because people feel entitled to buy whatever they want with other peoples money. Another thing affluenza promotes is working overtime to earn more money to buy things with. People feel they must work harder and longer to supply themselves with enough money to buy what they want.

Problems affluenza can cause

How to really spend your money!spending money on yourself is good from time to time, but doing it all the time is one way to make you a greedy person. Spending little amounts of money on people can make you feel good inside. Things like buying someone dinner or buying someone a present are good ways to lose your affluenza!

Remember!!!!!Comapnies will try to entice you into their stores with things such as -HUGE SALE-50% OFF-LAST CHANCE-EVERYTHING MUST GOThese are all ploys to trick you into spending you hard earned money. Don't fall for it!


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