Affilation - WoW 10/24-10/26

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Affilation - WoW 10/24-10/26


Examples of Affiliation

What is affiliation?

Affiliation refers to the possibility of designing tasks so that students are provided the opportunity to work with peers, as well as with parents, outside experts, and other adults, including but not limited to the teacher.

By:Pam PettyjohnWhitfield County SchoolsShirley Freeman Dalton Public SchoolsBrittany FrohnhoeferRichand School District 2

Ringgold High School Marching Band 2010

Occupational Therapy Class - Indiana University

24 Piece iPod/iPadPerformance

"Group tasks cannot be accomplished by one person; they require cooperative action and coordination of effort." -Phil Schlechty

Resources for Affiliation




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