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The affect of smoking on the Circulatory system -Cigarette smoking damages the function of the heart itself, as well as the structure and function of the blood vessels that carry oxygen throughout the body. A smoker experiences craving, irritability, frustration, depression, restlessness, anxiety and finds it difficult to concentrate this is due to the raised blood pressure, heart rate and carbon monoxide levels within the body. Smokers also tend to get the so called ‘chills’ this is due to the constriction of blood vessels in the skin lowering our skins temperature. Damage to the lining of arteries when or after smoking contributes to fatty deposits being stored on the artery wall, if fat is stored on the artery walls a reduction in blood flow occurs resulting in an increase of stroke and heart attack.

The affect of smoking on the Respiratory system-Cigarette smoking can not only cause short term but also long term damage to major organs throughout the body. Main parts of the respiratory system including the trachea and the larynx may be exposed to irritation due to smoking. Major organ such as the lungs will be affected as they will no longer function as per normal due to swelling and narrowing of the airways. Smoking also kills the function of Celia which leads to a smokers cough. A smoker’s cough is very mucus orientated especially in the morning as mucus has had time to accumulate. As mucus production increase the lining of the bronchioles thickens making breathing difficult. Due the bronchioles thickening it loose elasticity causing it to no longer absorb the pressure within the alveoli this just to rupture the delicate alveolar walls, this causing emphysema. When the alveoli burst it worsens the condition of the cough. Respiratory diseases are common due to smoking including lung cancer, Chronic bronchitis, Emphysema. These disease will affect lifestyle choice as you will be short of breath all the time and unable to conduct high intensity exercise

The interactions between the Circulatory & Repiratory systems whilst smokingNon smokerThe respiratory system exchanges oxygen and carbon dioxide, while the circulatory system transports those gases throughout the body. The interaction between these two systems happens in the tissues of the lungs. This is done by breathing moving air in (inhalation) and out (expiration) of our bodies.Smoker This time the respiratory system exchanges oxygen and carbon monoxide whilst getting absorbed by the red blood cells. During this exchange less oxygen is absorbed by the red blood cell causeing the heart to work faster high blood pressure.

Smoking and the impacts it has on your health-Cancer of the lungs, mouth, nose, throat, oesophagus, pancreas, kidney, liver, bladder, bowel, ovary, cervix, bone marrow, and stomach.-Lung diseases such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease which includes chronic bronchitis and emphysema.Heart disease, heart attack and stroke.-Poor blood circulation in feet and hands, which can lead to pain and, in severe cases, gangrene and amputation.

Risks of SmokingThe risks associated with smoking is so large that you would have to be a fool to do it here are the risks associatd with it-Cancers such as lung, mouth, nose, larynx, tongue, nasal sinus, oesophagus, throat, pancreas, kidney, cervix, ovary, ureter, liver, bladder, bowel and stomach-Diseases such as chronic bronchitis, heart disease, heart attacks

Affects of Smoking

Facts -Tobacco causes more illness and death than any other drug -78 per cent of all drug-caused deaths -69 chemicals in tobacco are know to cause cancer -Smoking kills over 15,000 people every year in Australia -About 7000 chemicals in each ciggerate

How to improve your lifestyle after smoking-Strengthening the heart-Building energy levels.-Lowering blood pressure.-Improveing muscle tone and strength.-Strengthening and building bones.-Reduce body fat.-Reduce stress, tension, anxiety, and depression.-Healthier diet-Improve sleep.

Recommendation’s to reduce the impact of smoking in AustraliaThroughout Australia campaigns have been driven to stop smoking for once and for all. The best way to stop smoking is to stop it at that roots (children). By educating children about the risk of a cigarette and scaring them of the health issues. This will reinsure smoking companies slowly die down.

Costs (physically, socially, economically) to the individual who smokes and governmentsAs an IndividualPhysically: diseases, smelly breath ect.Socially: friends do not smoke but you do, may become an outcastEconomically: A packet of cigarettes is costing well over $20. A pack a day smoker will spend at least $140 a week or $7840 a year on smokes GovernmentSocially: The government is going to have to cack down on smoking as it is killing young and old. If they do not do something about it its going to reflect negatively on them. This is why educating the youth is the best way.Economically: As a local resident is paying more and more in taxes each year, if smoking was on the decline millions of tax payers money will be saved.


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