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The Artemis Fowl Seriesby Eoin Colfer

Artemis Fowl - Book OneIn this book we meet Artemis Fowl II, child prodigy. His family is a known crime family in Ireland. His father has disappeared and Artemis, though only 12 years old, is determined to bring his family name back to its former glory. Artemis decides to kidnap a leprechaun (LEPrecon) and hold him/her ransom for the gold. What he doesn't realize is that by capturing a fairy creature, he puts both the surface world and the underground fairy world in danger. Will he succeed? Explore both the fairy world and the world of crime and see if the best of the best in the fairy world can be outsmarted by a 12 year old.

Click here forThe Artic Incident

Click here forThe Eternity Code

Click here forThe Opal Deception

Click here forThe Lost Colony


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