afa and gcb poverty

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afa and gcb poverty

Abby Andrews and Grace Burgin6B11/17/11



Dear Presindent Obama,There is a lot of poverty in America. Poverty has in creased from one and six people to one and five people. Please make some more lighthouse shelters and more organzations for the homeless people. We have great lives so why not give some to the people who need it. If everyone gives a little we can degress poverty. Maybe you can make a nation wide charity that helps those in poverty. As a nation we can put a end to poverty.Sincerely,Abby Andrews

Dear God,Help the people in needThey do good deedsSend them our prayerTo show we truely careThey plead and begAnd bow there headThey live on the streetHave nothing to eatThrough the night they cryAnd ask people whyTheir life is this waySo I'm here to sayGive money to the poorLove them for sureHope for world peaceJust one day at leastThey don't deserve thisBut this isn't their missBring them back to lifeHere with Jesus Christ

Dear President Obama,Please help the children and adults in poverty. The increase onvpoverty in America has gone up tremendously. I think we should try to help by giving to the poor. I think we should start an organazation to help. Please help me and my classmates help to change the world. We are so lucky to have everything we have. We are learning about poverty in school and I want to change it, please help.Regards,Grace Burgin

Our theme "Opening our Doors to Christ" relates to our unit on poverty because it means we should open our doors and help others in poverty. We should do this because God wanted the world to be perfect and in his liking. But unfortanantly there are things like poverty in our world. We can help. We are so fortunate to have what we have. Some people dont even have enough for 1 meal a day. We can "open" our hearts and give to the poor and less fortunate. Together we can change the world.



Our theme " Opening Our Doors to Christ" relates to poverty because we should see God in everyone. No matter if they are rich or poor you should care for them. "Open up" and care for those in need. Giving food to homeless shelters and putting money in the poor box are some examples of "opening up" Together we can put an end to poverty.

Poverty in America has increased from one in six people to one in five people. Some people only have one meal a day or no food. With more shelters we can feed those in poverty. Some people live in tents and on the street with no food and all they do is beg. We need to put an end to poverty.


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