Aesop's Fables

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Language Arts

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Aesop's Fables

The Fox & the Grapes

Explore New Worlds. Read.

An Interactive Collection

1. Pick a Fable.-2. Read the story and the Moral-3. Write a Glog about the story.

fa·ble /ˈfābəl/Noun - A short story, typically with animals as characters, conveying a moral.Verb - Fabricate or invent (an incident, person, or story).Synonymsstory - legend - tale - myth - fiction

Children's classic fantasy stories, originally illustrated by Milo Winter in the year 1919. Now adapted to an interactive format available online or for use on touch-screen tablets and mobile phones. Enjoy over 140 lessons to ponder with these classic tales. Aesop's fables are some of the most well known in the world and have been translated in multiple languages and become popular in dozens of cultures through the course of five centuries. They have been told and retold in a variety of media, from oral tradition to written storybooks to stage, film and animated cartoon versions—even in architecture.


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    Aesop's Fables are presented by the Library of Congress. Images used are in the public domain.