Aerospace Engineering

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Aerospace Engineering

Aerospace Engineering

What is an Aerospace Engineer?An aerospace engineer is an someone that designs primarily air crafts, as well as spacecrafts, satellites, and missiles. Aside from designing these products aerospace engineers also test these machines to make sure they work properly.


What Training is Required?Admission to get into college for this career calls for a good background in math (trigonometry, calculus, etc.), as well as solid knowledge in science (chemistry, biology etc.). After that a bachelors degree is necessary at basically every entry-level job, which will take between 4 & 5 years to acquire.

SalaryThe average annual salary of an aerospace engineer is $113,030, but any aerospace engineer's income could be way less or way more depending on a few different things. One aspect that could contribute to how much money someone in  this career makes is the level of experience someone has. Aerospace engineers with a  bachelors degree or higher typically make between $69,000-$111,000, and anyone with less than a bachelors degree normally makes less than $69,000.

Who employs them?There are many different companies, at many different levels that hire aerospace engineers. Which company you get hired by really depends on your knowledge of the work they're looking for and the company's demand for an aerospace engineer. If you are well known and you have lots experience with aerospace engineering, many big companies like NASA and Rolls-Royce North America Inc.

Personal ReflectionI think aerospace engineering will have a  big impact on my future, whether or not I succeed  in becoming an aerospace engineer. I also think aerospace engineering will be important in solving many problems in the world. Aerospace  engineering could solve anything from global warming by using satellites to monitor the worlds climate, to designing a ship for the first mission to mars. I chose this topic because I really like math and science, as well as these engineers could help countless people.


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