Aerospace Engineering

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Aerospace Engineering

Those who have started with a bachelors degree, the pay is 53,408. But for those with a mesters its 62,459

What impact do you think engineers will have on your future?

Aerospace EngineeringEngineering

I think the impact will be great for society. As the future comes, the engineering wil definitly advance, and produce many more great and advanced technology.

What type of work do people in this career perform?

Aerospace engineers design aircraft, spacecraft, satelites, missiles and test them to make sure it functions right

They work in offices, factory production hangars or aeronautical labritories.

Is there a demand for this job in the future?

Do you think you would be interested in pursuing a career in engineering?

What is the current salary of the occupation?

what are the workinng conditions?

what are the major job responsibilities?

A bachelors degree in aeronotical or aerospace engineering is usually required for this type of work.


What type of education is needed for this type of work?

Aerospace engineers develope avionic systems like navigation instruments and communications. They research ways to make fuel efficent parts, such as wings fuelage and engines.

Yes, because in the future a large amount of people will want to be an aerospace engineer due to the fact that it is a well paid job and it is out of the ordinary too.


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