Aerospace Engineeing

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Aerospace Engineeing

Aerospace Engineer

Some aerospace engineers are in charge of designing guidance systems for missiles or control panels for fighter jets. These engineers coordinate test flights and document the results. Engineering space exploration vehicles, they may develop propulsion systems and design computer systems. Aerospace engineers can also be in charge of designing production methods and manufacturing facilities, or monitoring on-going performance.

Job responsibilities

What do they do?

Aero space engineers design rockets, planes,missiles and satellites. After designing and researching they begin to buold and order materials. They then prototype before they begin to use final product. They usually work for NASA,the Military, or for comercial use. They also explore new technologies.

Demand in the Future

I believe that the demand in the future for aerospace engineering will increase as more technology is implemented into transportation and exploration. As we progress , so does our curiosity to explore other planets and aerospace engineers will be needed to help design and implement technology. As well as for military and comercial use to build and design aircraft for safe, quick, and reliable transportation.

The Average slary for a Aerospace Engineer in 2012 was 103,720 USD.

Education needed is only a bachelors degree but it is recomended a masters and doctorate.2 years for masters, 2-4 years for doctorate.

Engineers in this feild will usually work in an office inside using design sophisticated

computer equipment and software design tools, modeling, and simulations for tests, evaluation, and training.

Work conditions


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