[2015] MARIAMA BARRY (BMA-IBT): Advertising Media

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[2015] MARIAMA BARRY (BMA-IBT): Advertising Media

Advertising Media

Television and radio are two traditional broadcast media long used in advertising. Television offers creative opportunities, a dynamic message and wide audience reach.

The Internet is used by online and offline companies to promote products or services. Banner ads, pop up ads, text ads and paid search placements are common forms.

Magazines and newspapers are the two traditional print media. Magazines offer a highly selective audience who is generally interested in ads closely related to the topic of the magazine. Visual imagery is also stronger in magazines than newspapers.

Broadcast media

Print media

Online Media(Internet)

Direct Marketing

includes direct mail, email and telemarketing. These are direct response efforts to create an ongoing dialogue or interaction with customers. Weekly or monthly email newsletters, for instance, allow you to keep your brand, products and other messages in front of prospects and customers.

This is where you offer compensation to a TV show, movie, video game or theme park to use your product while entertaining audiences. Just like how they promote coca cola on american idol in the picture.

Product placement

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Specialty media


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