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Good:Nike's "Just Do It"It works because it is short and sweet, (easy to read) but also relatable.

Good:Absolut Vodka:The Absolut BottleIt is important to differentiate your product, what was a boring bottle was advertised a total of 1500 different ways.

Good:Volkswagen: Think SmallIt is succesful because they show honesty which is appreciated by customers. With being small, they told it like it is and never tried to be something they aren't.

Good:California Milk Processor Board: Got Milk?Instead of focussing their ads on new customers, they got their current audience to appreciate and use the product more often.

Bad:Mr Clean's Mother's DayIt wasn't effective because it is sexist. It is insinuating that all mom's should go back to the kitchen to clean.

Bad:PETA's Save The WhalesThis ad's downfall is it is just completely insulting. An offensive ad is not the way to reach your customers.

Bad:Playstation's Portable WhiteThe problem here is the advertisement is racist. It was meant to show using race as a metaphor but is taken as "we discriminate".

Good:Dove: Real BeautyThis worked so well because it had meaning. It's a sensitive topic for most which is left to resonate with them.

Bad:Bloomingdale's "Spike your best friend's eggnog when they're not looking"A very poor choice in words is where they went wrong. It is taken as suggesting date rape.

Bad:Motorola Razr MaxxThe bad part here is the name is far too long and difficult. It's easier if your product has a catchy yet simple name.



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