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Advertising can look like anything. A billboard ad canhave a picture of the productor service and the brand name.But sometimes the image wesee can be deceving...

What Does Advertising Look Like?

When Was Advertising Developed? By Who?

Advertising dates back to the Christian era where people painted on walls to go to a certain inn. Who invented it is unknown.But modern advertising started in the 19th-Century in the US when business's found the best way to reach far areas was to send catalogues to endorse their goods or service.

Tricks of the Trade

The main idea of advertising is to reach as many people as possible so that more people will buy the good or service. Campanies use things to make there productor service stand out more.Companies use celebrities to make the consumer think "Ifthey use it... so should I!" Ad's are insiting that George Clooney drinkscheap coffee even though he's a zillionarie and that Delta Godremdoesn't get her brillian hair from an army of personal stylists and a four hour regimen, she gets her brillianthair from a bottle of inexpensive shampoo.Ad's also make us want something thatwe don't need. For example; the 'Snuggie.'So what if it's got arm holes and it's warm and you could wear it to a sporting event. I wouldn't buy it!Would you???

How Does Advertising Work?

How Advertising Has Helped Us Communicate?

Advertising has helped the companies that advertise. Without the revenue broughtin by advertising, commercialTV and radio (eg. 104.1) and most newspapers/magazines couldn't survive.Advertising has also given us things and made us believe things. Ad's have given us a fear of bad breath,armpit shaving, diamond engagementrings, the Tour de France and our version of Santa Claus.Advertising has changed the waywe think and has changed the world.

Here are some tricks to making food look 'nice'

PVA glue is the substitute for milk in cereal ads, as real milk looks translucent under studio lights and makes the cereal go soggy.Yellow silicone is added instead of cheese to give it that 'cheese-pull' shot in ads. Mashes potato is one of the many non-melting substitutues for ice-cream. And if you an artfully shape a piece of paper towel and put it on top of the potato, the topping will stay in place.To make meat look like it's just been cooked, soak a cotton ball in water, mircowave it and place it under the meat so it will look 'steamy.'

By Helena & Caitlin

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