Advertisement Project

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Advertisement Project

This 2013 advertisment is set in a encouaging way, giving you the idea the volkswagen will give you the happiness you need to get through the day. In the commerical the producer uses well known qoutes and humor to grasp the watches attention the use of jamican "accent" is to indulge the audience.


The Diction that is used in this video is used in common sayings for example the saying' " Turn your frown upside down" is often refered with the Jamican culture. Also the name Whinsten is used also involving Jamican references. The uses of mutiple races throughout the video is a way of the creator to branch out to all diversions. Lighting up the mood the use of 'fun' and excitement reaches out to all.

when it comes to the audience the purducer was determined to get thee addition of cooperate america, as well as young adults shopping for a car. The advertisement is very joyful, playful when it comes to the words and emotions. the characteristics of the main charcater seemed most excited to play apart in those peoples lives

The knowning of what is "popular" in our culture does take effect in the commerical. without this knowledge watchers would not be condemed interested in a german car.

the use of well known characteristics such as, work ethics and sadness the advertisment is sending out messages to people from any background in order to connect with buyers. There is a feeling of love that also overwhelms everyone within the commerical.



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