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What's Adverb? Adverb is a word that tells us more about a verb. It 'qualifies' or 'modifies' a verb.

Kind of Adverb1. Adverb of Manner2. Adverb of Place3. Adverb of Time4. Adverbs of Frequency5. Adverb of Degreeetc.

1. Adverb of MannerTell about how that verb working. example happily, quickly.

2. Adverb of PlaceTell where the verb done or from one point to another point. example everywhere, here

3. Adverb of TimeTell about when the verb done. example now, today, yesterday.

4. Adverb of FrequencyTell about how often the verb done. example never, sometimes, always.

5. Adverb of DegreeExpand adjective or adverb. example very, fairly, rather.


Example:- I found the film incredibly dull.- The meeting went well and the directors were extremely happy with the outcome!- Crabs are known for walking sideways.- I often have eggs for breakfast.-However, I shall not eat fried eggs again.



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