Adventures of bear Bruni 2nd part

by Dubravka
Last updated 8 years ago

Language Arts

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Adventures of bear Bruni 2nd part

Santa Claus and his caribou Rangie laughed because Bruni was sleeping on Nansen's back. The decision was made: after Bruni spent the night in Santa's house, he will be returned to his forest on Santa's sleigh. His worried mum waits for him. Nansen brought the little brown bear into the Santa's house and Santa served honey and pears on a plate. Frieda took a picture of the whole society with her camera in memory of Bruno's unforgettable journey. Bruni felt better after eating and he began to think. His idea of going to the North Pole wasn't so good anymore.He realized that his place is in deciduous trees where thw chiping birds and the first spring flowers bloom in the shade of ancient trees. He wish suddenly to watch the sun set and to listen a gurgle stream in which he hunted fishes. Santa didn't wait to long. Caribou Rangie pulled the sleight through the sky and Bruni waved to all the polar bears who greeted him on his way out."Goodbye, brpwn cousin! Goodbye, fearless Bruni!" Bruni returned to his home with the smile on his muzzle and with a new adventure's spirit. He intended to visit the African desert soon. But that is another story!


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