Advancements in Technology During WWII

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World War II

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Advancements in Technology During WWII

Advancements in Technology during World War II

At the start of World War II, the Allied and Axis Powers were increasing their technological uses to get an advantage on each other. There were many advancements in different types of weapons brought to the different military. In the airforce, planes and radar were invented. In the Navy, submarines and battleships came to play. For the Army, tanks have been refined to be faster, stronger, and with better fire power.

Hitler's "Glorious" Luftwaffe

The main problem with the "Glorious" Luftwaffe, wasn't that they were bad pilots, btu that Hitler had too much pride in them. Displayed by the battle of Dunkirk, Hitler called off his panzer division and commanded the luftwaffe to destroy the allied troops in dunkirk. but when a thick fog rolled in, the luftwaffe could not see the allied troops and the 30,000 troops excaped through the British chanel

The B-17

One of the many advances in aviation is the use of the Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress. the advancements that were made from this aricraft spawned the blueprints of the B-52 Stratofortress, which is used widely used across america and the midle east.


I'm just here so I won't get killed.

The Luger and MP40 were just two of the many advancments in handheld weapons in WWII

In the photo above shows the German tank known a Panzer. The Panzer was one of the deadliest, most destructive tanks in the nazi military at that time. With its over durable steel armour, an average tank needs double the cannon power to destroy this tank. despite this armor, the Panzer's only weakness is a spot in the back of the vehicle, located by the fuel cap. However, it is difficult for a tank to get behind the Panzer without it knowing. These tanks were very effective, dangerous, and was used in various battles across Europe.

The Battleship "Bismarck" and it's sister ship the "Tirpitz" were the first ships built in the "Bismarck class battleships battlecruisers built before the begininning of WWII. although at the time the Bismark was one of the most technological ship in the Kriegsmarine, it held a short and impressive carreer.

Railroad guns were very comon in WW2 in Germany. In this photo above, it shows allied soldiers taking control over a German railroad gun. A railroad cun is a cannon attached to a railroad car that can fire while obtaining high speeds and can move to any direction.

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