Advancements In Stem Cell Research

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Advancements In Stem Cell Research

1) CancerAfter vaccinating mice with human embryonic stem cells, researchers at the University of Connecticut Stem Cell Institute found that the lab animals developed a consistent immune response against colon cancer cells. The vaccinated mice showed a dramatic decline in tumor growth, compared to the non-vaccinated mice. (University of Connecticut Health Center, Oct. 8, 2009)

2) InfertilityIn a development that could help treat infertility in people, scientists at Kyoto University in Japan used embryonic stem cells from mice to grow healthy mouse sperm on laboratory dishes. The researchers coaxed the stem cells into a type of precursor cell known to grow into either mouse eggs or sperm. They then transplanted these cells into the testes of infertile male mice, which went on to produce healthy sperm. (Reuters, Aug. 5, 2011)

Cancer stem cell therapy

Social and ethical considerations of stem cell research

Advancements in Stem Cell Research

Many supporters of stem cell research feel that adult stem cells do not offer a good alternative as they are much more limited in their scope for forming new and different tissues. They want research funding to be directed mainly at embryonic stem cell work.There are others who feel that the use of embryonic tissue is wrong and an abuse of human rights.

Over half a billion dollars of tax payer investment and nearly a decade of scientific progress are in jeopardy. Since 2002, $546 million in NIH funds have been invested in human embryonic stem cell research, with $137 million estimated to have been spent in FY2010. Legislation to secure federal funding of hESC research must be passed to never again risk tax payer investment and scientific progress.

" Imagine a world where paralysis from spinal cord injury may some day be cured with this technology."

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