Advanced Ceramics

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Advanced Ceramics

I used the "dry brush" method using acrylic paints. Dry brushing uses a little bit of paint on the tip of your brush and a dabbing, or blotting a lighter color over a darker color to make it look realistic, or layered.

As a class assignment, I made a clay tile using the wet and scratch method. Meaning I cut the backside of the piece that I was attaching, and the surface I was attaching it to in order to make it stay. I used glaze and acrylic to make a clashing shiny/flat texture.

This is my rendition of the catarpillar Absolem from Alice and Wonderland.

These are Christmas decorations that I also dry brushed. I used hot glue and cotton balls for Santa's beard and I sprayed hairspray on the green part of the tree to attach sparkles.

I found this cow bone and brought it home and painted it to look like a mask.

I placed a leaf on a slab of clay and then cut out the shape of the leaf. I then lightly glazed it to highlight it's veins.

Advanced Ceramics


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