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Adrien Alvira  (lol)

Juan Bautista De Anza

Hi everybody I'm Juan Bautista De AnzaI was born in mexico from 1735-1788

Juan Bautista De Anza was born in Mexico of Spanish parents in 1735. His father and grandfather before him had been frontier military captains in Sorona, Mexico. They had both talked of a new trail to California. Anza himself was considered to be one of the best trailblazer and Indian fighters of the Mexican West. He had been appointed captain of the presidio (fort) at Tubac (south of Tucson in present-day Arizona) in 1760.

In January 1774 Anza and a group of 34 men left the presidio at Tubac and headed west. With them as a guide was Father Garces. When the group reached the Colorado River, they were ferried across on tule-reed rafts by the Yuma Indians

Anza completed the opening of an overland route from Mexico to the California coast. Then he scorted the first large party of settlers to California, leading them to San Francisco.

By, Adrien Alvira



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