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Adriana Morrison

Rian Morrison migrated to Australia with her family from Brada, Holland in 1951.

Adriana (Rian) Morrison - My Nanna

There were three main contributions that Rian made duing her life in Australia. She brought her recipe of vanilla slice from Holland and her recipes for other delicious Dutch food. Also, she was a kindergarden teacher who helped educate many young Australians. Finally, she helped run a family business which contributed to helping Australia's economy.

Rian's family moved to Australia when she was only seven because Rian became very sick during winter and Australia's weather was more suited to her family and her health. Also Breda was becoming more and more crowded after World War II and so it was push factors and also pull factors that influenced her family's decision to migrate.

Breda, Holland (The Netherlands)

Rian as a child just before leaving Holland.

When Rian's family moved to Australia she wasn't allowed to take anything with her. That was the saddest part of leaving and leaving her friends. When Rian was little she had a pram and doll, but she had to give it away to her cousin which was very sad. However, when she arrived in Australia her parents bought her a kitten.

This is a Guilda which is a coin from Holland from 1951.

When Rian's family moved to Australia, they travelled by boat for six weeks. Life was very different in Australia - it was strange but fun. She lived in Sydney near the beach so she had a lot of freedom which was very differnt to her life in Holland. She realised she just had to accept everything because she couldn't change anything so she made the most of her new home.

She didn't experience any racism in Australia and her family felt welcomed.


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