Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

-He was born on Easter Sunday. (April 20, 1889)-He had 5 siblings.-Between the ages of six and eight, Adolf attended two different schools based upon where his family was living. --He was rewarded and praised by his teachers for constantly having high marks and for acting properly in class.-Once they moved to Linz, Adolf continued with elementary school. He quickly became the center of his group of friends and would often be the one leading them in games.-When he was 16, he wasnt required to attend school so he didn't.

Bad things he did-Racial discrimination: He placed people on a racial hierarchy. In that Jews were at the lowest rung. The blue eyed, blond, handsome, nordic aryan Germans were placed at the top. -Jews were indiscriminately killed in concentration camps. -He established a criminal state with no freedom of speech or expression or equality. -kids were taught to humiliate Jews, practice nazism and worship Hitler. -Women were treated unequally and those who bore undesirable (handicapped, crippled, Jewish-looking) kids were punished.

-He was a Disney fan.-He was a drug addict.-He had his eye on a Jewish girl.-He wanted to be an artist.-He was very superstitious.-He liked sweets.-He was overly protective of his neice.-He suffered from Insomnia.

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