Adolf Hitler

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Social Studies
World War II

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

-Became leader of an anti-semetic group-Gave public speeches, earing the attention, followers, and finacial support-Earned German citizenship and worked to become Germany's Leader and Reich Chancellor with the Nazi party being the controlling political party in Germany-Expanded Germany, breaking Versailles Treaty- Caused WW2 and blamed Jews for all the troubles in Germany, past, present, and future-Made concnetration and death camps to get rid of them as Final Solution

-Born in 1887 and died in 1945-6 siblings and except for 1, they all, including his parents, died by the time he was 20-Denied entry into Vienna Academy of Art twice-Lived on the streets after his mother died-WW1 soldier-Went on to have a wife, but no children

Three Themes:~ All bad things do come to and end~Never lose hope~The will to survive is enough to keep anyone going

This is an important piece of history because of overall about 40 mil. people died. We can prevent an event such as this from happening again by learning about and being acceptive of everyone. We also can't pretend it never happened

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