Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889, in Braunau Am Inn, Austria-Hungary, a town on the border of Austria and germany.He liked to read and enjoyed drawing.His dream was to become an artist.After his father died, he continued to struggled in school and at the age of 16, he drop out of school.Adolf Hitled volunteered for Germany army and served on the Western front as a motorbike message runner. The Germany army sent Hitler to the German worker's party to speak to DAP about communism.Hitler was given the task of advertising the party's opinion and arranging meeting.


1889 - date of birth1933 - become leader1939 - invansion of Poland1941- declared war on United StatesApril 29,1945 - date of marraigeApril 30,1945 - death of Hitler and his wife.

Adof Hitler was military and political leader of Germany 1933 - 1945.He allied with Italy and Japan to create axis.Hitler's invasion of poland in September 1939 began world war two and he ordered the invasion of the Soviet Union. In december 1941 he declared war on United states.He created concentration camp to jews and other group that are not aryan supremacy and there were the death of more than 6 million people in the holocaust.On April 29,1945, HItler married his girlfriend Eva Brawn.

Hitler believed.....

Adolf Hitler believed jewish were the lowest race. Jewish were responsible for all problem in German and needed to expelled from the country.

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Adolf Hitler


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