Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Source: WebsiteExplain what life experiences Hitler had that shaped him the man he became ?

Hitler had a lot life experiences that shaped him into the man that he became. He was a resentful and discontented child. Hitler was strongly attached to his indulgent, hard-working mother whose death from cancer in December 1908 was a shock for him. Hitler left school at the age of sixteen with dreams of becoming a painter. Hitler got rejected by the Viennese Academy of Fine Arts; he spent “Five years of misery and woe in Vienna. (Adolf Hitler) Hitler had to do hand to mouth occasional odd job and live in low taverns. Hitler started his first education of politics and studying demagogic techniques of the popular Christian social mayor, Karl Lugar, picked up the stereotypes, brutal, violence and sexual connotations. These are some of the experiences that shaped him into the man he became.

Hitler’s rise to power begin with economic condition that started to be worsen from 1930-1932. Those two years include a runaway inflation that wiped out the savings of the great numbers of middle-income class. The economy worsened, there was more massive unemployment, but finally some foreign country of the economically crucial Ruhr Valley contributed to the continued the growth of the part with the outbreak of world depression, that fortunes of Hitler’s movement rose rapidly. (Encyclopedia of world biography)In the election of September 1930, the Nazis polled almost 6.5 million votes and in the presidential election of the spring of 1932, Hitler ran for the seat. In July, Hitler out polled all other parties with about 14 million votes and 230 seats in the Reichstag (parliament), these events helped raised Hitler to power.

Source: EncyclopediaWhat do you think that helps Hitler’s rise to power?

Source: BookWhat do you think that caused Adolf Hitler’s Death and give some evidence?

In hiding, Hitler lost track of what was happening in the war. Often confused, he sometimes gave orders to German troops that didn’t exist. Meanwhile, his enemies approached Berlin from east and the west. (Haugen, 65) It became clear to Hitler that Germany would lose, so he criticized his leaders for failing him. Hitler stated, “The army has betrayed me, my generals are good for nothing”. (Haugen, 68) Hitler wondered that what will happen to him if the Soviet army captures him. He decided he wouldn’t be captured, so he plans to kill himself, if necessary. Hitler and his love Eva went to their private suite in the underground bunker sometime after 3:30 P.M. on April 30, 1945.Eva Swallowed poison and died, Hitler bit down on a poison capsule and shot himself at the same time. According to Hitler’s final will, his followers burned him and Eva after the suicide.


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