Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

Before Hitler's rise to power, the Nazi party was very unnoticed to the citizens of Germany. In their first year trying to get the vote of the German parliament, the Nazis only got 3% of the vote. Hitler rose to power because of his incredible speech writing and lingual skills, allowing him to convince people to join the Nazi Party, and to use propaganda to expand the Hitler Youth. Hitler used the scapegoatof the Jewish population to gain

Rise To Power

the favor of the German people. Using that, Hitler unified Germany through militarism, the prospect of joining the Nazi party, the Hitler youth, and the fear of opposing Hitler and being put into a concentration camp. Hitler improved the German economy and gave the Germans a better life, but at the expense of a war with surrounding countries. This was WWII. Hitler began when speaking in beer halls, and expanded his horizons to conquest of Germany, and then planned for the world. He then indoctrinated all of the remaining loyal Nazi citizens with Nazi idealisms and hatefulness of the Jewish people. Through the late 1920s and early 1930s, the Nazis gathered enough electoral support to become the largest political party in the German parliament, making the Nazi party the leading political party in the country.


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