Adolf Hitler

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World War II

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Adolf Hitler

Hitler was born on April 20th, 1889 in a small Austrian town of Braunau near the German border. Hitler was beaten by his dad when he was young. Hitler's main interest in school was art. He never completed secondary school and when he dropped out he go drunk. He then found that being drunk was humiliating and never got drunk again and stopped drinking by age of 30. Hitler applied for the Academy of Art and was rejected twice. Hitler then went to fight in the First Worl War as a solider for the Germany Army. This is when Hitler first got involved with the German Army.

Early Life


Years in Power: 1933-1945

Adolf Hitler

Political Party: NaziPolitical Idealogy: NazismAxis PowersCountry- Germany

Hitler became powerful when he started speaking for the German Workers party. He was the main reason why the party became so popular. Hitler then changed the party's name to the National Socilaist German Workers Party, which is also known as the Nazi Party. One of Hitler's main messages was that Germany's economic recession was due to the Treaty of Versailles.

Road to Power

Hitler first invaded Poland, which then caused Britain and France to declare war on Germany, initiating World War II. Hitler did this because he belived it would bring Lebensraum for the German people. After the German Army defeated Poland they then took the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.

Extreme Actions


While living in Vienna Hitler became interested in politics. For most of the war Hitler lived underground in a concrete shelter at his headquarters in East Prussia.

Major Crimes or Events

Members of the Social Democrat Party and KPD were arrested and sent to Germany's first concentration camp at Dachau. By the beginning of 1942 over 500,000 Jews in Poland and Russia had been killed by the Schutz Staffeinel or by the Gestapo. Along with the creation of concentration camps came extermination camps. Extermination camps were established in which some camps could kill up to 25,000 people a day. These were all a part of Hitler's Final Solution.


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