Adolf Hitler

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler came to power in 1933 and imposed his racist views on almost all of Europe during World War II. The Nazi party, on which he governed, tried to annex the country of all non-aryan raced people. Hitler and his Nazi army, The S.S. (The Schutzstaffel. Translated to protection sqadron) rounded up all the Jews and shipped them away to concentration camps where they would either work to death or be killed within a few hours after arrival. To the German people, this seemed like the right thing to do because of how good of a promotional leader Hitler was. To the outer-laying countries, it was genocide. Attempting to annex Germany led to the death of Hitler by suicide in the year 1945.


1.) Hitler gave Germany political peace after the War.2.) Hitler restored the German economy and brought the nation to full employment.3.) Hitler founded Volkswagen, in German means "people's car" which he promised this to be affordable for each German family.4.) Hitler ended the civil wars in the Weimar Republic.




1933 - Hindenburg appoints Hitler chancellor of Germany1935 - first Nuremberg Laws are passed1938 - Kristalnacht1939 - Nazi-Soviet non aggressio0n pact1939 - Germany invades Poland1940 - Germans enter Paris1941 - Germany attacks the Soviet Union1941 - Pearl Harbor1943- Italy surrenders1944 - Battle of the Bulge1945 - Germany surrenders1945 - Japan surrenders1945 - Hitler takes his life

1889 - 1945 Der Führer

"Strength lies not in defence, but in attack."

Hitler did not do particularly well in school, leaving formal education in 1905. Unable to settle into a regular job, he drifted. He wished to become an artist but was rejected from the Academy in Vienna.

Before Hitler came to power


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