Adolf Hitler

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World War II

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Adolf Hitler

Adolf Hitler

*20 April 1889- Hitler was born in Braunau am Inn in the Austrian- Hungarian Empire *1909-1913- A period of poverty in Hitler's life when he becomes in involved with political activity and possibly develops some of his anti-sematic feelings and views.*1914- Hitler volunteers at the beginning of the First World War for the Germanic Army and joins the 16th Bavarian Reserve Infantry Regiment.*1919- Hitler, wishing to remain in the army, is appointed to the Intelligence/Propaganda section. Here, Hitler gives speeches promoting German nationalism and further develops his orator skills.*1920- Hitler is discharged from the army and joins the National Socialist German Worker's Party (Nazi).*1921- Hitler becomes leader of the Nazi party.*1923-Hitler is captured after the Beer Hall Putsch and is convicted of treason. He serves 9 months in Landsberg prison, during which time he dictates much of Mein Kampf.*September 1930- The Nazi party gains 93 representatives in the Parliament; now is the second largest party in Germany.*March 1933- Hitler becomes the virtual dictator of Germany after the Enabling Act is passed which gives legislation power to Hitler's cabinet for four years.*October 1933- Hitler withdraws from the League of Nations.*July 1934- Hitler becomes "Fuehrer and Reich chancellor".*1939- Germany makes a peace agreement with Russia and divides Poland between the two countries.*June 1941- Germany ignores the peace treaty with Russia and begins operation Barbarossa.* July 1940- Colonel Stauffenberg attempts to assassinate Hitler unsuccessfully.*30 April 1935- Hitler commits suicide at the age of 46 with his wife Eva Braun.

Primary Document

-From 1909-1913, Hitler lived in poverty selling postcards and doing small jobs for money. During this time he became involved in political activity and literature.-After WWI, Hitler felt that he and other fellow soldiers had been stabbed in the back by their leaders.-Hitler became the leader of the Nazi party in 1921.-Hitler's cabinet was given the powers of legislation by the Enabling Act, making him the virtual dictator.-On October 1933, Germany withdrew from the League of Nations.-Hitler became the Fuehrer and Reich Chancellor of Germany in 1934.-Germany breaks the peace pact with Russia.- 30 April 1945, Hitler commits suicide with his wife Eva Braun.

Adolf Hitler is the Victorious!

Germany had been brought to nothing because of the Treaty of Versailles and the people were desperate for a better life. Adolf Hitler was the leader that Germany had been looking for. He had fought in WWI, the people felt he knew their struggles, and he appealed to the anti-Semitic feelings that many people had. Hitler played a major role in WWII because of his position as the Führer of one of the major Axis Powers. He also played a major part in the Holocaust (Shoah). The Holocaust was the genocide of approximately six million Jews, other ethnic groups, and peoples deemed “undesirable”; led by Hitler and the Nazi Party. Hitler had given many speeches speaking out against the Jewish people and he blamed them for the First World War. Hitler wanted to create the perfect race, or the Aryan race, but he felt that the Jewish people were poisoning the German blood and needed to be removed. As Germany began to fall in WWII, Hitler again turned to the Jews as the reasons behind the situation of the German army. “The Final Solution to the Jewish question” was put into place, and Hitler tried to fulfill his promise of the annihilation of the Jewish people.

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Adolf Hitler was the Fuhrer and Reich chancellor of Germany, one of the main Axis Powers, during WWII. He was the leader of the Nazi Party, the controling party in Germany, and all of its territories. Hitler desired to create the perfect superhuman race; the Aryan race. In order to do so, Hitler enforced many anti-Semitic laws and took all basic rights away from Jewish- German citizens as well as many other people considered to be "undesirable". Hitler played a major role in the Holocaust, the genocide of over 6 million Jews and other groups during WWII. He also played a major role in the "Final Solution" of the Jewish people.

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How does Hitler relate to WWII and the Holocaust?

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