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Social Studies
World War II

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adolf hitler by jackiebing

Major Events

Father: Alois HitlerMother: Klara Hitler

He marriedEva Braunin1945

They metin 1929 inMunich

When Hitler was 21, he was strugling to be a artist. So he would copy scenes from postcards and selling his paintings to tourists.

Birth: April 20,1889Birthplace:Braunau, Austria

Hitler's father was very strict, so Hitler didn't have a good relationship with him like he had with his mother.

Family Tree

Adolf Hitler

Hitler had onesister theother 3siblings diedyoung

Early Years!

They had nochildren.

Hitler applied to Vienna Academy OfArt and alsoVienna Schoolof Architecture but got denied.

1919- Joined the German Workers Party in Munich1924- Hitler reestablished the Nazi Party in Munich.1933- Hitler was named Chancellor of Germany1934- Hindenburg died and Hitler became leader and chancellor.1939-September 1- Germany invades Poland, this is the start of World War II than two days later Britain and France declare war against Germany.1941- Hitler attacked on the USSR. (Soviet Union).1945- April 29-World War II ends in Italy.1945- April 30- Hitler commits suicide.

Hitler Wanted to Be A Artist.

Marraige Life

On April 30, 1945 a day after WWII ended, Hitler started out by killing his dog "Blondie" and her pups. Than he took his wife, Eva Braun, up to their bunker. They both ate cyanide, but Hitler took a bullet to his right temple, they were found dead by Hitlers personal driver and they took the bodies and burned them.

The Suicide 1889-1945

Eva Braun