Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf

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Adolf Hitler and Mein Kampf

Adolf Hitler & his book, Mein Kampf

When Hitler came into power in Germany, he wanted more living space for the German people. He lead an invasion on Poland which caused the start of WWll in Europe. In 1941, Germany and allied forces occupied most of Europe and North Africa. During the last battle of WWll, the Battle of Berlin, Hitler married to Eva Braun. Two days later, the two commited suicide, to avoid capture and marked the end of WWll. Hitler is responsible for eleven million deaths during this period.

Early LifeAdolf Hitler was born on April 20, 1889 in Brunau am Inn, Austria. His abusive father passed away when he was only 13 and his mother struggled to keep her health throughout his childhood. She passed away when Adolf was 18 of breast cancer. After his mother's death, he continuted to apply for art schools in Vienna with high hopes of getting accepted, only to get rejected and criticized on his art. He left his roommate and at one point he was sleeping on park benches and eating at homeless shelters, making little money off of selling his artwork to the local Jews. Adolf then joined the army in WWl, he was lucky and avoided many deaths. During this time, he gained more insight on war life which would soon help him with his position in the Holocuast and the deaths of almost ten million people.

Adolf Hitler in WWll

What is Mein Kampf?Mein Kampf is an autobiography manifesto that outlines Hitlers political views and future plans for Germany. Mein Kampf was originally titled Four Years of Struggling Againt Lies, Stupidity and Cowardness. This book provides explanasions for military conquests later attempted by Hitler and Nazis. By the end of WWll, ten million copies had been sold, but most Germans confested that they never actually read the book. The book revealed Hitler's true nature and character and acted as blueprints for Germany's future. It served as a warning for the world of the events to come, but sadly, it was ignored.

The Bible of Nazism

Adolf Hitler; one of the most powerful and infamous dictators of the 20th century.

Mein Kampf means "My Struggle" or "My Battle"

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Adolf Hitler's Book, Mein Kampf

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