Adolf Eichmann

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Adolf Eichmann

Adolf Eichmann was born on March 19, 1906 in Solingen, Germany. Originally Eichmann worked in the sales division of an Electrical Construction Company before he turned to the NAZI party and became an SS member at the suggestion of a friend. After Hitler rose to power in 1933 Eichmann went from Austria to Germany and engaged in military training, after getting his proper training Eichmann joins the Gestapo as a sergeant and advances in rate over the next six years. Eichmann eventually made it to one of the highest ranking officers in the German army, where he would have meetings with Hitler and Himmler to decide on how to rid the German states from the Jews.. In 1939 Eichmann suggests deporting the Jews, but later in 1942 they start to move them to ghettos and killing sites. After NAZI Germany surrendered in 1945, Eichmann escaped to Argentina, where he stayed for some time, until his capture in 1960. He was put on trial in Isreal, in 1961 and hanged at midnight May 31, 1962.


1943-1944 - Gather Jews to send to Auschwitz1947 - Eichmann escapes from US custody1960 - Israeli "Mossad" abuct Adolf Eichmann 1961 - Eichmann is found guity for crimes against the Jewish people1962 - Eichmann is hung on Midnight of June 1

He sent many families to their deaths during WW2. Many of the people captured never saw their families again. Managed to escape from U.S. custody and hide from justice for close to ten years.To the day of his death he never regretted his horrific actions.

Lasting Impact

Adolf Eichmann affected our world in the worst way possible, through the genocide of millions of Jews, people today have lost many family members because of him.


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Adolf Eichmann


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