Adolescent Brain

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Human Anatomy

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Adolescent Brain

The frontal lobe is located at the front of the skull. This part of the brain is responsible for higher brain function such as planning and analyzing. It is also responsible for impulse control, behavior and emotional and social regulation (Twofoot 2003).

The Adolescent Brain

Understanding the brain of an adolescent is key in understanding how to properly approach and teach that student effectively.

Let's take a look!

Understand the minds of your students!

This video describes synaptic pruning. This is a brain process in which the synapses begin to cut off from one another in order to speed up brain function and make the brain more efficient (Arnett 2013).

Myelination is a process in which myelin grows. Myelin is essentially a sheath of fat that covers the main area of a neuron. This process causes brain functions to be less flexible (Arnett 2013).

Concrete Teaching Strategies- One teaching strategy that would be effective for the developing adolescent brain would be to incorporate real life issues into a lesson. For example, a teacher could integrate a lesson involving statistics about smokers (social or habitual) and health issues in order to have students learn both statistics as well as the consequences and risks of partaking in an unhealthy habit. This would be understandable to them since the frontal lobe is developing and they can now understand behavior and social regulations and the facts learned are now applicable to their own lives.-Another teaching strategy that could be used for adolescents would be to provide plenty of scaffolding. Since the brain is still developing students will need help along the way. Since mylelination causes the brain functioning to become less flexible (Arnett 2013), it is important to help students see other points of view. For example, an adolescent may believe that there is only one way to solve a math problem, but if a teacher provides appropriate help and tutors the student then the adolescent may realize that there really is more than one way to solve that specific math problem.

It used to be believed that the cerebellum only controlled basic functions. But now we know that the cerebellum is an important structure that has a huge part in math, music, decision making, and social skills (Arnett 2013).

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