Adolescent Development

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Adolescent Development

During adolescence, young people experience a range of changes and transitions including physical, cognitive, emotional, social and psychological change (Steinberg, 2011). With a better understanding of young people and these developmental changes, teachers are better equipped to provide a school climate that fosters positive development. In this type of environment, students can succeed academically, as well as socially, emotionally, physically and cognitively.

Of all the development that takes place during adolescence, the only truly inevitable one is physical maturation. Physical and sexual maturation profoundly affects the ways in which adolescents view themselves and are viewed and treated by others (Steinberg, 2011).

Physical development includes three main physical manifestations, the growth spurt and the development of primary and secondary sexual characteristics. 1. The growth spurt lasts approximately 2-3 years and results in dramatic increases in height and weight. It occurs, on average about 2 years earlier among girls (beginning at 11 years and peaking at 12 years) than boys (beginning at 13 years and peaking at 14 years). 2. Primary sexual characteristics refer to the further development of the gonads (the glands that secrete sex hormones) which result in hormonal changes that ultimately enables reproduction. 3. Secondary Sexual Characteristics refer to the manifestations of sexual maturity at puberty, including the development of breasts and genitals, the growth of pubic, body and facial hair, and changes in the voice.

Physical Development

It is crucial that teachers have an understanding of physical development and the effect it can have on a young person’s behaviour and psychological functioning. Regardless of whether it occurs late or early, physical maturation will affect the adolescent’s self-image, mood, sleep and their relationships.

The above websites provide teachers with general information regarding adolescent development and possible teaching strategies that can be employed.

Adolescent Development

Adolescent Development

This video provides a general overview of physical development.

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