Adolescent Development

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Adolescent Development

Social Development

Physical Development

Emotional Development

Intellectual Development

Character Development

Parent Tips:Give your child words of encouragement each day.Remember to point out the things your child does right, not just the mistakes.Be generous with praise.Give constructive criticism

Parent Tips:Encourage your teen to get enough sleep and physical activityKeep television sets out of your teen’s bedroomEncourage your teen to have meals with the family.

Parent Tips:Allow your preteen or teen to make more decisions as he or she proves the ability to use good judgment.When differences arise, listen to your child and try to understand his or her point of view.

Parent Tips:Encourage self discoveryAcknowledge natural abilitiesCreate a family mottoValue Uniqueness

Parent Tips:Provide your child with responsive care.Be affectionate and nurturing.Help your child learn to resolve conflict in a healthy, appropriate way.Help your child feel safe.


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