Adolescent Brains

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Adolescent Brains

Adolescent Brains

Adolescent Brain

Learn more about the frontal lobe

The brain is only about 80% developed in adolescence. The largest part, the cortex, is divided into lobes that mature from back to front.and the frontal lobe connects last.This area is responsible for reasoning, planning, and judgement. Normally this area is not completely mature until ages 25 and 30 yearsRead More Here....

Teenagers lack of judgement isn't always because they're just plain irresponsible or that they don't care - their brain simply hasn't yet developed to full capacity.

click on this image to read more about the teenage brain "under construction"


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    Teenagers have a lot of problems that they need to deal with, often they need help!

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  • jameesmilller611bd311103aa 9 months ago

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    Thanks for bringing this up. I am concerned that adults do not even think about the fact that a child in adolescence is not yet fully formed. In addition to the changes known to us that occur with their body, we do not even suspect how big changes are taking place in the head and with the nervous system. It often saddens me that people simply do not notice the problems that teenagers have and sometimes this even leads to devaluation of their problems. Although we should, on the contrary, support them and help them. Hopefully, this will have an effect, at least for those who see this comment.

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