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As children enter adolescence, they will experience many changes. Most of these changes will affect them physically as their bodies start to change from children into young adults. This can be a difficult process for some, because they might not experience these changes with ease, which can increase lack of self-confidence, isolation from peers, and affect their learning development. While, some children walk seamlessly through adolescence, most struggle with some aspects of this time. It is very important that these children have a strong communicative relationship with parents, uncle, grandparent, or someone who they can trust to share their feelings.Some physical milestones: boys will experience growth in height/weight, facial hair, and voice change. Girls will start their period, which will bring on emotional challenges. As their bodies change they can experience social/emotional difficulties. They are happy today, sad tomorrow. Boys may have burst of energy causing them to not slow down or they may just want to lay around. Each child is different when their body changes. Some cognitive milestones: At this age, children are entering the formal operational stage of development. They develop the capacity for abstract, systematic, scientific thinking(Beck,2013).They can create hypothesis about topic, investigate and conclude, through a deduction of logical testable reasoning. They will also start to focus on themselves, by creating an imaginary audience, where they feel they are the focus of everyone else attention, or they create a fable where they inflate their own importance(Beck,2013).Some language milestones: They are able to gain understanding in social communication. This happens because they have more experiences in social settings where they can learn from them. They have the ability to organize thoughts, then translate those thoughts into speech, whether to debate or simply converse. Some Atypical behaviors: depression, weight loss, not interested in social activities. These behaviors can stem from going through puberty prematurely, eating disorders, and not socially equipped to fit in. Social behavior during adolescence can create a seperation from original peers. Adolescence can tend to change, they want to try new ideas and thoughts that their friends are expressing. This is a time for a child to express themselves and explore their feeling about everything in their lives.Cultural influences, at this point in time, could affect a child in a variety of ways. They could create a strong foundation for the believe system that they have grown up with, or they can be influenced by the culture they live in.


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Ways families can encourage developmental progress...


1) Encourage your child to play a sport, this helps to keep their bodies fit and healthy. Encourage mealtimes be together, so they can be feed healthy foods and see the example from their parents. 2)Help encourage your child's cognitive abilities, by being involvement in groups at school, such as the debate team, or ASB. Increase their awareness of their bodies, through literature, videos, and communicate to them you are there to listen and answer questions. 3)Make time for critical thought or thinking. Pose questions they have to think through. Continue to communicate with your child through school, personal experiences and try to identify with them at their level.



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