adolescence sexual activity awareness

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adolescence sexual activity awareness

Adolescence Sexual Activity Awarness

Sex. It's personal and at times, embarrassing to talk about. If you are currently thinking, or wanting to have sexual encounters with someone, here are the things you need to consider before jumping in.

ProtectionDo you want to avoid being a teen mom? Well, Contracepting pills are availiable in attempt to stop that from happening. "Amoung sexually active high school students, nearly 40% report not having used a condom the last time they had sex." If you are not on contraceptive pills, it is important for you to use condoms. The use of condoms might prevent pregnancy, but provides no protection against sexually transmitted diseases.

HIV/ AIDS" AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome): A diease, caused by a virus transmitted by means of bodily fluids, that devastates the immune system." "HIV (Human immunodeficiency virus): The virus associated with AIDS." AIDS/ HIV can be transmitted by sexual intercourse. Condoms might be able to prevent you from getting pregnant but it will not prevent you from getting any sexually transmitted diseases. Unprotected sex is the greatest chance of you contracting HIV.

Abstinence Staying abstinence is your ultimate chance of protection from pregnancy and STDs. "Adolescents ave sex because they want intimacy with their partners, status with their peers." Don't give into that peer pressure.



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