Adolescence Milestones

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Adolescence Milestones

ReferencesBerk, L.E. (2013). Child Development. Pearson Education Inc. (9th ed)Teenagers (15-17 of age). Retrived from:

During the teenage years many teenagers go through hormonal changes as puberty. Atypical development might be that puberty is not occuring normally. During this years teenagers tend to laugh and bully kids so its typical for many teenagers to isolate themselves.

Tips: It is important that parents talk with their teens about their concerns and pay attention to changes in their behavior. It is also important to show affection spending time together, and respect their opinion. And, most of all respect their privacy (

Adolescence Milestones

Physical Milestones

Strategies for Parents

Cognitive Milestones

During the teenage years teenagers begin hormonal changes. Around this time teenager girls experience gross motor skills such as: strength, endurance, and speed), which is improved slowly and steady. Around the age of 16 their breast growth is complete. On the other hand boys develop large skeletal muscles and aroung 17-18 years of age their physical change is complete (

By the time a child reaches their teenage years they are capable of comprehening over 40,000 words, including many abstract terms. They are also able to understand subtle, nonliteral word meanings, as in sarcasm, irony, and proverbs (Berk, 2013).

During adolescence teenagers are able to unify separrate traits into more abstract decriptors. This are the years in which a teenager develops self-concept. They combine traits that make up self-concept into an organizaed system (Berk, 2013). During the final stage the formal operational stage teenagers start to hypothesis, and "evaluate the logic of verbal statements withouth referring to real-world circumstances" (Berk, 2013).

Signs of atypical Devlopment


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