Adolescence Milestone

by keylolo1000
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Adolescence Milestone


Heredity contributes substantially to the timing of pubrtal growth( Berk, 2013).In girls, height spurt begins between ages 8 to 13, and in boys 10.5 to 16.Girls will start menustration around ages 10.5 to 14 while boys boice will deepen around ages 12.5 to 15.5. If the child is showing signs of atypical development such as performing repetitive movements, such as rocking, spinning or moves constantly this could be a sign of Autism Disorder and should be seen by a physician.

Comprehends over 40,000 words, including many abstract terms (Berk, 2013).Ability to communicate clearly and in accord with social expectations in diverse situations improves (Berk, 2013).

Graps the logical necessity of propositional thought permitting reasoning about premises that contradict reality (Berk, 2013).Imporves in decision-making strageties(Berk, 2013).




ReferenceBerk, L. E. (2013).Child development. (9th ed.). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson.

Parents can help thier child's cognitive development by assiting them in creating and setting some goals. This will help build up their thinking skills.


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