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Adobe Programs


Adobe Photoshop is a graphic editing program developed by the Adobe Systems. It is the leading graphics editing application in the world.

Features:1. Photo Effects2. Color Restoration3. 3D Image Creation4. Camera Shake Reduction5. Smart Sharpen



Adobe Indesign is a desktop publishing application developed by the Adobe Systems.It can be used for poster, flyers, brocures, magazines, newspapers and books.

Features:1. Duplex layout2. Easy to insert images 3. Multiple page sizes in a single file4. Persistant text frame fitting5. Support for many languages

Adobe Illustrator is a vector graphics developed by the Adobe Systems. Illustrator is used to create outline art. Examples of outline art may be a company logo, a technical drawing or customized lettering on a virtual commercial product.

Features:1. Touch type tool2. Font search3. Sync fonts4. Image trace5. Pattern creation

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