[2015] Roman Torrilhoon (Rabe 15-16): Adj´s and Adv´s

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[2015] Roman Torrilhoon (Rabe 15-16): Adj´s and Adv´s

Adj's and Adv's

Important Info


An adjective is used to describe a noun or a pronoun. An adverb modifies verbs, adjectives, and even other adverbs! Both adverbs and adjectives are very important in modern writing. If we didn't have them, our writing and papers would be boring. The adjectives and adverbs spice our work up!

Rule 1: Most adverbs end with -ly but not all do. Rule 2: Adverbs that answer the question "how?" can confuse grammar. Don't add -ly to linking verbs. Rule 3: The adjective good has an adverb alternative that is wellRule 4: Well can also be used as an adjective when you are talking about health.

Adjectives can come before or after the word they are modifying.Adjectives- most of the time- can be transformed into an adverb with just adding -ly. For example: She was quick. Add -ly and it's like this: She acted quickly.

Rule 5: Adjectives come in three different forms: Postitive, Comparative, and Superlative. A positive would be sweet; comparative would be sweeter; and the superlative is sweetest. Rule 6: There are also three different types of adjectives. Rule 7: When this, that, these, and those are follwed by a noun then they are adjectives. If they are not followed by a noun then they are pronouns.

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