Adjectives & Adverbs

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Adjectives & Adverbs

Review, Practice, & Apply all there is to know about adjectives & adverbs using the links below!

REGULAR/POSITIVEplain old adjective/adverbno special endings or helping words


ADVERBmodifies verbs/adj./adv.

ADJECTIVEdescribes nouns/pronouns

COMPARATIVEcompares two things, ends in -er or has helper "more"

SUPERLATIVEcompares three or more things, ends in -est or has helper "most"

Adjective/Adverb Degrees

a big, brown, mangy, ferocious grizzly

the booming, loud, groovy, jammin' tunes

an appetizing, appealing, fullfilling meal

rollerblading dangerously swiftly today

skiing very intensively fast yesterday

skateboarding extremely high tomorrow

Proper & Predicate Adjectives

Articlesa, an, the

Use only ONE negative per sentence! Ex: no, not, neither, barely, never, scarcely...


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