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ADHD stands for Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

The main cause of ADHD is unknown, but there are some possible causes that scientists have found. If a parent has ADHD then the child has about a 50% chance of getting it, if an older sibling has been diagnosed with the disorder than the child has about a 30% chance to catch it. If a parent has been exposed to drugs or alcohol while they are pregnant with you that can put a higher risk of you getting ADHD. If you are born with low weight or born premature that can lead to the disorder. Lastly, if you get a head injury near the front of the brain that controls emotions and impulses that has the risk of getting the disorder. That part of the brain is located in the temporal lobe in the limbic system.

ADHD affects your body and mind in many different ways. You might not sleep well some nights and that sometimes leads to being tired at school and daydreaming. You might get feelings of restlessness or inappropriate behaviors especially if someone gets you upset first. When you have ADHD it can be tricky to control your anger. Learning and staying focused can be very hard at times  if a teacher gets aggravated at you it can be very stressful. Controlling your mood can be very  hard. Some of the brain might be a little smaller or not as active than a kid without ADHD. It can also be hard to make friends because without thinking you can make impulsive actions. Your ADHD can change over time and sometimes get harder.

ADHD doesn't just go away but there are ways to prevent it from getting worse. Some are:-Eat healthy food.-Get good sleep and sleep for at least 8 hours-Be active every day. -Practice mindful exercises and breathing exercises. -Not eat or drink a lot of artificial colors or flavors -take medicine  -Try not to get stressed out to much -not use technology a lot -be patient -get away from distractions

- Howie mandel- Albert Einstein (maybe) - Justin Timberlake- Simone Biles- Michael Jordan- Michael Phelps- Karina Smirnoff- Terry Bradshaw- Paris Hilton- Jim Carrey- Walt Disney- Cammi Granato- Pete Rose- Mozart- Adam Levine- Leonardo Da Vinci - Henry Ford- Woodrow Wilson- Thomas Edison - Prince Charles


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