ADHD Inattentive Type

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ADHD Inattentive Type

Diagnostic Criteria- onset before age 12- present in multiple settings - present for at least 6 months- causes difficulties- meets at least 6 of the following 9 criteriaI. Overlook detailsII. Task inattentionIII. Appears not to listenIV. Fails to finish tasksV. Difficulty organizing tasksVI. Avoids tasks requiring sustained mental activityVII. Often loses things necessary for tasksVIII. Easily distractedIX. Often forgetful - DSM V

ADHD - Inattentive Type

Important Facts- inattentiveness does not usually decrease with age but often increases- may only become apparent at an older age- does not mean individuals will be inattentive in all activities-75% of all ADHD diagnoses are in boys-girls are more likely to have inattentive type than hyperactive type and are thus underdiagnosed

Signs to look for in the classroom- makes careless mistakes in schoolwork- failure to follow through and finish assignments- attempts to do multiple assignments simultaneously- reluctant to engage in schoolwork or homework- becomes bored very quickly and easily- frequently loses pens, books, assignments- easily distracted by extraneous noises or movement- process instructions or information more slowly than others - -

"Why can't my child pay attention?"

Attention Simulation: Try It!

Think about it! In what ways can you as a teacher make accomodations for students with inattentive ADHD?

Click the picture above & try the two activities.How might a student's daily life, schoolwork, and self esteem be impacted by experiencing these symptoms of inattentiveness?


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