ADHD and Reading Education

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ADHD and Reading Education

In this article, different kinds of intervention strategies for the classroom are discussed. This article focuses on the reliability of behavioral interventions, self-regulation interventions, academic interventions, home-school communication programs, interventions addressing social relationship problems, and how collaborative consultation can help educators work together to develop strategies to help their ADHD students.

Parents and educators alike must give extra thought into how they decide to start reading education with students who have ADHD. While ADHD does not define the student, the early reading years can be tough due to factors the child cannot control. In order to be able to better help these students, extra out-of-classroom research will be required.

ADHD and Reading Education


The internet has numerous websites and articles created for parents and teachers who work with children with ADHD. Another great way to take advantage of the internet's resources is finding Youtube videos in which teachers give strategies or book suggestions for readers with ADHD.


Showing students with ADHD that there are other children struggling with the same reading issues as them can also be a helpful resource. Youtube and many other websites give numerous books that have been written specifically for children with ADHD. These books can be used at home and in the classroom as a way to build inclusion.

Academic Research

In this article, there was a focus on how parents and teachers percieve their child or student's ADHD emotional and behavior problems. Rather than just focusing on the classroom, this article shows how there can be discrepancies between home and school attitude.


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