[2016] Jacob Allen: ADHD

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[2016] Jacob Allen: ADHD


ADHD is a genetic disorder that cause the subject to be a little crazier and more unfocused than a normal person. People with ADHD have mood swings that change very differently. This is because the dopimine receptors (12q21) are not working properly. In most instances ADHD can be avoided, but it is not always aviodable.

ADHD is a special genetic disorder that can also be "caught" if the mother drinks beer or wine.The disease cause subjects to be less focused, angrier, etc...There are many different forms of Adhd the main one being a combination of ADD 1 and ADD 2. you can know before if your baby has this.

There is no cure for ADHD, and it seems that there might never need to be. most subjects outgrow the disorder by the age of nine-teen. There are treatments for ADHD, mainly pills to calm them down. These also have other side effects such as insomnia and lack of hunger.



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