Adelie Snapshots

by finchfalcons
Last updated 8 years ago

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Adelie Snapshots

Adelie Snapshots

Adelies live in icy lands,short black flippers are their hands.

Live in colonies on a rocky shore,200,000 penguins, maybe more.

Black and white, two feet tall,In a tuxedo, ready for a ball.

Gathering stones, a nest is made,Soon two eggs in the nest are laid.

Out the egg, pops a chick,Fluffy down feathers nice and thick.

Off to the water to find a meal,Watch out for orcas and leopard seals.

Huddled in a creche with just one wish,That mother and dad return with the fish.

Soon the babies are almost grown,They waddle from the nest on their own.

They dive and they swim and glide on the ice,Being a penguin sure is nice.


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