Adding/Managing Students

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Adding/Managing Students

The capability options to manage students is dependent on the type of license you have.




Free license, individual user: You can add students, manage up to 10 but not classes, so you will see one list of all your students. Students > 10 will appear grayed out.Individual license subscription: Upload students, create classes, and assign students accordingly. Students cannot be shared between teachers.Multiple teachers: Add students from the school database, create classes and assign students to those classes. Students have one log on and can see all assigned classes.

Access from your Dashboard

Two Tabs: Classes and StudentsFrom Students Tab, you can see students nicknames, # of Glogs they have, and email option. Open each account by nickname link.Bottom of section: Add students or Manage Students links. Also a count of how many accounts you've created and link to view all.

Three Options to add students. Either enter the number of students and clisk ADD ACCOUNT, or use the STUDENT IMPORT TOOL, excel upload option, for control of names, nicknames and passwords., or give your teacher code to students to register for their own student account.

Expand the view to Show all, and at a glance, you can:Edit portfolios (premium only)Edit accountChange passwordDelete Account (In school license, student work is not deleted)You can accesss teh student account, email, and change nicknames.To edit all nicknames, click check box on all and then click EDIT NICKNAME link.This will open addtitional wondow where you can make group edits. Nickname needs to be unique to the system, and you will be prompted if name is already taken.

Adding & Managing Students

After you've added new students, you can access their user names and passwords from the new message in your message area on your dashboard.


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