Adding Mixed Fractions

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Adding Mixed Fractions

Step 2: Find common denominator of 8 and 2 which is 16.

Susan ran 3 3/8 miles and cycled 2 1/2 miles. What is the total distance she ran and cycled?

Adding Mixed Fractions

It's Imporatant!Being able to add and subtract fractions is important for working with different things. Many recipies have mixed numbers and are sometimes has mixed numbers too. If we do not know how to work with these types of numbers we will have a hard time doing basic things in life.

A mixed fractions is a fraction that contains a whole number and fractional part.2 1/2 is a mixed fraction.

Step 4: Add 6/16 and 8/16 to get 14/16.

Step 1: Seperate the fraction and whole number.

Step 3: Multiply 3/8 by 2 and 1/2 by 8 to get 6/16 and 8/16.

Step 6: Add the whole numbers 3 & 2 to get 5. Put the whole number and fraction back together.

5 7/8

IMixed Fractions

3 4/5 6 9/11 22 3/5 Are all mixed fractions!

Step 5: Reduce 14/16 by dividing by 2 to get 7/8.

The flowers represent 2 1/2



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